2020 a year of self-discovery & empowerment

“Through challenging times, you discover yourself.

The very foundation of being YOU.

A journey back to long forgotten treasures in your Soul.

The things that made you smile are brought to life.

Simply waiting for YOU, to open the door to joy and inspiration.

The creative source can TRANSFORM your life.

Please, take heed of your ideas for they are like acorns.

Small, but when nourished, they will grow into something of grandeur.”

I penned this as a summary of my experience when the Lockdown was enforced in March 2020. I lost my job in April 2020 and eventually I had to relocate. I considered myself lucky as I was living in a beautiful region in Norway. Without a job I was able to focus on what I really loved doing. I never had the time nor the energy previously to cultivate my hobbies. The joy and serenity I felt when pursuing my childhood interests helped me to stay in the present moment. My worry disappeared as I lived in the beauty of “NOW”. I commenced on a journey to discover the core of my inner self. Little by little, I discovered what was needed to bring my ideas into manifestation, all of which were inspired through connections with my friends both old and new. During the first lockdown friends and people from my past, reached out to reconnect with me. By sharing the challenges faced, we were able to support one another. I wrote down ideas and advice, some that were given by me and some that I received. New friends from different countries came into my life. My new-found friends, inspired me further. Some were “go-getters”, and did NOT give up despite their adversities. Together, we empowered one another.

1. Focus on your goals with discipline

Create GOALS with both SHORT and LONG-TERM plans. Short-term plans are DAILY ROUTINES and WEEKLY regimes. These step by step efforts will eventually lead you to your goals. The LONG-TERM plan indicates your desired outcome.

2. Optimism and motivation

Being OPTIMISTIC and BELIEVING in yourself is important. It is a POWERFUL tool which can help you have your mind focus on the POSITIVE result. MOTIVATION is to start at the right time. The key is to avoid procrastination. Ask yourself, “Why do I do this? What is it that I want to achieve?” The desired outcome is your ultimate motivation.

3. Flexibility and acceptance

Be open to change and be adaptable. Life will not always be simple, but being FLEXIBLE can help you work towards your goals in any condition. Look for OPPORTUNITIES by looking at different perspectives in order to resolve challenges. Never underestimate yourself nor what life has to offer. ACCEPTING past failure and staying centered will help you move forward.

4. Self-improvement

SELF IMPROVEMENT promotes GROWTH. Learning is a part of life and can be beneficial to anyone who wishes to improve in all spheres of life. It can INSPIRE and give birth to new IDEAS. It may create a different path for you or improve your current situation. Remember, even the simplest of things may become something of great significance in your life.

5. Comparisons should be avoided

If you want to achieve your goals, avoid comparing yourself to others. Do not compete with other people’s achievements. Focus on your own growth. Those who truly achieve success only compare the current version of themselves to their old selves in order to see how far they have come in their progress.

A loving summary:


To evolve, one must cultivate the gift of listening with compassion and to see the other person without judgement. When someone inspires you to be a better version of yourself, thank them. Be grateful for the support you receive, and further your support to those who need it. The compassionate heart is truly the greatest gift. This is TRUE empowerment.

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About the author

Jane hails from the picturesque valleys of the Fjords in Norway. Educated as a Healthcare Professional, she carries a true passion for Holistic Living and Alternative Healing and is the co-founder of her own soul healing initiative, Tao Varenya. She is an intuitive Spiritual Artist, a Tao Hands Practitioner, Soul Healer and a Shaman. Jane has dedicated her time to pursue healing, painting, singing, music, writing and photography which comes as a blessing while showcasing her blossoming self-empowerment. She simply loves Magical Mystery Tours and never misses an opportunity to sip on a Pina Colada!