Porsche hails from the beautiful Hawaiian Islands where she’s grown to love connecting with many different cultures, communities, and people. She obtained a M.P.H. in Health Education, B.S. in Commercial Health Promotion with an emphasis in Worksite Employee Wellness. Porsche has enjoyed over 25+ years in the field, as a Fitness Director & Instructor, Promotional Wellness Director, Health & Fitness T.V. Hostess, Global Health Show Hostess, and Global Radio Hostess.

Her greatest vision is for a new world of prosperity, success, and happiness for all. She loves embracing breakthrough ways of manifesting abundance in health, relationships, business and more. She has been fortunate to follow her heart as a Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy, Greatest Love Teacher, Tao Science Ambassador and empower many students globally in transformational creative arts.

Porsche is a former Ms. Asian Universal Hawaii, Ms. Eco China, and book author of Breakthrough Blockages—using self-empowerment practices to overcome personal and life challenges. She is the Founder of New Prosperity magazine and excels as an inspirational motivational speaker. Porsche’s greatest loves are producing original films, creative artistic projects, and weaving dreams into reality.       


Harsha Singh from India is a Post Graduate in Management. Her background in Investment Banking, Digital Marketing & Travel Writing has been vital in establishing her path in her creative pursuits and in media. Her natural inclination towards spirituality led her towards becoming an Oracle Reader and eventually becoming a student of Master Zhi Gang Sha. She is also a certified practitioner in Nada Yoga or Sound Healing Therapy, Tao Healing Hands, Tao Song,  & Pranic Healing.  

With the aim of helping empower others Harsha has actively tied up for various outreach programs such as industries and corporates, and is currently establishing her presence in media through newspapers, radio, & more. She is passionate about serving and uplifting people from all strata of society. Harsha actively serves on-ground and online with her colleagues through various initiatives as the Love Peace Harmony Foundation representatives in NGO’s, schools, and other institutions. As a team they are serving more than 2000 children from lesser economic backgrounds in India and the numbers are growing.