Manifesting wealth in simple ways

Don’t we desire material riches, comforts and opulence?

Don’t we understand that there are complexities that exist in the way of manifesting wealth?

Is there a simpler way of being rich or more sound financially?

Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and fortune, and the very embodiment of auspiciousness and prosperity is also known as ‘Shri’ or ‘Shridevi’. She is either seen next to her eternal divine consort Lord Narayan or Vishnu, or serving Him in their heavenly abode called Vaikunth. It is said that while Shri Narayan is the protector, Laxmi is the embodiment of compassion. When one connects with the Divine essence of Goddess Lakshmi and chants her name, they connect with her Divine nature of compassion, and the ability to transform oneself in order to attract more abundance into their life.

Ways in which we can manifest abundance by in Laxmi Devi –

·Laxmi is pleased with those who are able to value their money and finances. We receive what we give, and while abundance may be a result of pious deeds of previous lifetimes, as many believe, it is also necessary to share with an open heart by helping or donating to various charitable causes.

·Laxmi doesn’t stay for long with the person who seeks copious amounts of power and wealth. In the ancient sacred text, the Ramayan, the arch nemesis Ravan is an example how one has an insatiable need for all material wealth, power, and control. He and his kingdom were destroyed in a catastrophe way to pave the way for righteousness.

The Laxmi yantra is a mandala which is available in small sizes moulded from copper, and other metals. It is installed at the sacred altar. Goddess Laxmi herself resides in the yantra. The energy of her essence is encapsulated within this yantra, and therefore, chanting Her sacred name magnifies her divine ability to bless and transform. Once this yantra is installed with proper Vedic rituals, it is worshipped daily as the personification of Goddess Lakshmi herself. Yet, even if one has no knowledge of these ancient rituals, and acquires a yantra with a pure heart, it can create wealth and potentially help in achieving financial abundance.

·If one connects to the divine essence of Shri Laxmi Narayan often, it can bring peace, calm and balance into your life.

Laxmi Devi is celebrated and worshipped with grandeur on Diwali and Sharad Poornima which is an auspicious full moon day. These special days are more beneficial for those who pray to Laxmi Devi, as prayers on these days is more auspicious.

·When one speaks of poverty, it means poverty of knowledge, consciousness, and awareness, and therefore, one should be satisfied with one’s financial status without envying and judging someone else’s possessions.

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