Reconnecting Ohana Roots

‘Ohana Rooted in deep Love

Grown in fertile lands

as ‘oha of the kalo shoot

ancestors visit on

Heaven’s rainbows

piercing through sunlit winds

to guide us back to

the prosperity of Aloha

Kalo known as Taro, is a delicious root vegetable grown globally throughout the world. Hawaii’s popular Poi is pounded from kalo in Hawaii. Among Kalo’s striking benefits are to improve digestion, help prevent certain cancers, decrease blood sugar levels, and blood pressure as well as be a supportive remedy for good skin, vision, and body circulation. For Native Hawaiians, the similarities between taro and the family are profound; ‘oha, the young shoot of the taro is seen and felt in ‘ohana or family.

Our story

About the author

Porsche hails from the beautiful Hawaiian islands where she was born and raised by her large cultural family and their magical traditions. She was blessed to attend Kamehameha Schools and later obtain a M.P.H. in Health Education from the University of Hawaii. Porsche also has a B.S. in Commercial Health Promotion and has over 20 years in the field.

She is Global Radio Show Hostess whose show is broadcast to 51 countries, International T.V. Hostess, KTE’s New Prosperity Magazine Director, an author, inspirational speaker, and has a deep love for poetry. Porsche is also a Divine Love Teacher, Love Peace Harmony Super Ambassador, Tao Hands Ambassador, Tao Science Ambassador, Tao Calligraphy Practitioner, and her greatest joys are inspiring others, creative writing, and manifesting art.

Reconnecting Ohana Roots