Rainbows are known as the sacred way Hawaiian Ancient ancestors travel between Heaven and Earth.

‘Opihi is a shellfish, indigenous to Hawaii, and grows tightly on ocean rocks and tumultuous wave conditions. Known for their intense connection to cling to rocks and must be pried off to be picked. ‘Opihi symbolizes a tight bond between mother and child or families. They are also a flavorful delicacy and cultural island treasure.

Aloha Pumehana means with the warmth of my love.

Written by Porsche Liana Kauikeolaini Bow Sim Ing

Model: Porsche Liana Kauikeolani Bow Sim Ing

Photographer: Brittny Ing Lee 

Sea shelled memories

call me to estuaries

of Ancestors Past…


Sensing their Spirits beside me

reflected in tide pools of deep waters

and converging clouds patterns,

as currents swim back and forth

over my heart


My Grandma

fell in love

with the ocean breezes,


when my soul walks

in Hawaii’s tidepools

somewhere between

the rockiness and

smooth corals

my heart swells

like ‘opihi

still stuck to her



All Lines converge toward


the Great Path forward,

of our Ancestors’ journeys

to this point where

waves meet the shore

Both the End and Beginning of Magic…


Where sunlight

fades into sea mists

and TWO worlds unite

as One Moment

of endless possibilities,

flowing out from the sands of time

under my feet…


It is Here my heart

releases old memories

and hears the Ancestors

SUMMONING my soul forward


Trade winds whisper

Echoes of

Magical spells

and Love incantations

of sea sirens

in mermaid caves

and draws me

Home again…


Between us,

flows through

an ocean channel


Aloha Pumehana…